Splitting up a DJ mix for discrete CD tracks in Ableton Live

How to split up a mix from vinyl and cut it up to have discrete tracks on a CD in Ableton Live.

1) Record your stereo mix from your turntables/mixer into an audio track in Live. (this lesson assumes you already know how to do this).

2) Double click on the audio file to show it in clip view, below.

3) Likely you don’t want this long file warped, so turn warping off:
Note: If you plan to fix tempo problems and bring in other audio files to embellish your mix, you may want to leave warping on here, but that’s a subject for another lesson.

5) Make sure the start marker starts at the beginning of the file by dragging it to the left.
6) Now we’ll put in some “Arrangement Locators” to tell Live the sections you want to export.

7) Click on the spot you want the first marker (i.e. break between songs). Likely the first one is at the beginning of the arrangement:

8) Now press the set button over on the right hand side of Live’s screen:
Note: You can click on the flag of this marker and press command-r to rename it to the name of the first song if you want.

9) Press command-4 to turn off the grid in Live, as likely your mix doesn’t fall on the grid lines.

10) click on the next spot you’d like to make a ‘split’

11) press the ‘set’ button again to make another arrangement locator.

12) repeat for as many song breaks as you need.

Exporting the individual tracks with no gaps

1) Right click (control click on mac) on the first arrangement locator and select “Loop to next locator:”

loop to next locator

2) Click on the Loop bracket:

3) Select “Export Audio/Video in the file menu or press (Shift Command-R):

For CD burning, you’ll want your settings to look like they are here:
Picture 12

(Aiff on mac, Wav on PC, 16 bit, 44100 don’t normalize, triangular dither is best at all times except if you are exporting to 32 bit.

Repeat as necessary between each segment of arrangement locators.

Other tips

You might want to name files with numbers as you go, i.e. “1.Intro.aiff” 2.Firstsong.aiff” so that they show up in order in your finder when you’re done.

Here’s a nice Live 8 preset I put on my master fader for a little multiband compression and limiting:
Picture 2

Jethroe Mastering Chain.adg

Make sure that your mix never goes above 0db if possible, a Limiter is key here.

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