How to Warp an Acapella in Ableton Live 8

UPDATE 8/23/11:

There’s an easier way to do this. Follow J. Period’s instructions for multitrack warping (but you’re only warping the beat, then having the acapella follow those warp markers.


Old lesson just in case:

1) In Live’s Browser, navigate to the folder that has your acapella and instrumental (or the original mix). Hold shift to multi-select the instrumental and acapella and drag them into Live’s arrangement view.

Note that holding command/apple when you drag the files in brings the files in in parallel on different tracks.

2) Select both files and turn warping off.

Make sure the Start Marker flag in the clip waveform of both files is set at the very beginning. Press the space bar to listen.

If your acapella and instrumental don’t sync up unwarped, you have little chance of making them sync up warped. If they are out of sync, you can try moving the Start Marker flag of the acapella around to sync them up.

3) Once they are playing in sync unwarped, you need to make sure both files are exactly the same length. You may need to consolidate the files to make them exactly the same length. To do this, drag around both tracks in the arrangement view, with a length longer than the longest of the two tracks and Consolidate (Command-J).

4. Now select both files (select one and hold shift to select the second) and turn warping on again.

5. Mute the Acapella track and warp the Instrumental/Mix file as you normally would. See here for more info on how to do this.

6. Now we need to duplicate the instrumental track. Click on the Track Name

And press Command-D to duplicate the track:

7. Drag the acapella back into your browser to create a Live Clip and press enter:

8. Double click on the duplicated instrumental file to bring it up in the Clip Waveform below:

9. Now drag the Live Clip into the clip waveform of the instrumental track. You can delete the original acapella track.

10. Your acapella should be warped like the instrumental/original.

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