MPC Beatmaking in Ableton Live (Slicing Preset)

These slicing files let you chop beats like you’re used to on an Akai Professional MPC2000 in Ableton Live.
– you hit a pad, it plays to the end without having to keep the pad depressed.
– each pad chokes (cuts off the sustain of) the next pad you hit.

1) Right click and save this slicing preset:MPCSlicingPresets
2) Put it into your Live Library:Defaults:Slicing

3) When you want to slice a beat, control (right) click a drum beat/audio clip in Session view in Live and select “Slice to MIDI.”

4) Choose MPCDrumRackSimpler. You can select “Slice to 1/4” to start with, but you may want to try Slice to Warp Marker, the way Ski Beatz does it in this video I worked on with the always hilarious filmaker Chandler Kauffman

5) Bang away with your beatpad, Launchpad/APC20 in Note mode, keyboard, etc.

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