7×7: Side A: “Roomates”/Side B: “Ginger Why”

First up in my free virtual 7 inch series, a couple of (primarily) instrumental hip-hop beats.

Side A: “Roomates” (mp3) (right-click and save-as to download)

This was a potential beat for Adult Situations with Motion Man (and might be used if we do a sequel). Some production help from my man Unagi. I’m on bass, guitar, guitar, keys, drum programming, sampling.

Side B: “Ginger Why” (mp3, LivePack) (right-click and save-as to download)

I used this slicing technique in Ableton Live on this one, and some funky techniques with Sampler @ 1:24 (looping the end of a sample and crossfading for a weird end of a sample). Also used Melodyne to extract the MIDI harmony from a sample, and replayed the instruments around 2:10…and a little before 4:00 I use that old Metallica-ish reverse reverb trick (dubject for a future tutorial…)

These beats are for educational purposes, please contact me if you believe this is in copyright violation and you’d like me to take it down.

Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial Share Alike.

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