iTunes tips: Multiple Libraries

A little known trick for iTunes is to hold Option as you launch iTunes, and you get this dialogue:

This is great for a few uses:

– Keep one library for your external hard drive, with your ‘big’ collection of music (I’ve got a terabyte of music that obviously doesn’t fit on my laptop).

– Keep one library for your laptop of the things you keep on your laptop.

– Keep a separate library for your Serato Scratch Live music (the stuff you DJ with).

Multiple libraries can be tricky when you have an iPhone or iPad that you sync to iTunes. Make sure to either select the correct library with all your apps before syncing.

I got tired of worrying about this, and copied the XML file from my Laptop to my external drive, along with all my Mobile Applications.

It works for me (though I have to make sure the Apps are the same on both libraries manually). But I don’t recommend doing this part, as I have no clue what I’m doing…

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