Free Music

Jethroe – Infinity Glass (Free Album)

New Jethroe instrumental beats album. Stream it here or click the download link (no minimum price). Pass it along/share/tweet the link if you like it.

Jethroe: Guitars, basses, beats, Ableton Push, Oberheim Xpander, Arp Avatar, Fender Chroma Polaris, Roland RS202, Studio Electronics SE1X, Roland MKS50, MKS70, Moog Opus 3, Moog Minitaur, Sequential Circuits Pro One.

Larry Kraut: Keyboard solo on “A child’s mullet”


Get in touch via email if you want to do a remix, I’ll try to make all files available.



7×7: Free Music: Pulp Chamber/Michael & Suge Knight

Back in the early 00s my brother the Urban Yetti and I released a few CDs on our label Culebra Cuts. Here’s a few tracks from those albums (more to come soon)

A side: Pulp Chamber (mp3)

This is a live 3 piece track, with Gabe Rhodes on drums (he’s a filmaker and went on to play with The Big Sleep) me on guitar/Moog Opus 3, and Urban Yetti on bass.

B-Side: Michael & Suge Knight (mp3)

These two were made with a Sequential Circuits Pro One, Moog Opus 3, Electro Harmonix Memory man, MPC2000XL Cubase 4 VST and a Apple G4.

7×7: Free Tracks: Adult Situations feat. Motion Man

Side a: Porno Mustache (mp3, LivePack) (Right-click and save-as to download)

This track is from Adult Situations, featuring Motion Man and Lyrical C. If you haven’t see the video, trust me, check it out (and you probably should buy the album too). I’ve included the multitrack as an Ableton LivePack. Bass originally done with Arturia’s Minimoog plugin, and the bells with Applied Acoustic’s Tassman. No samples were harmed in the making of this track…Jethroe: bass, guitar, guitar, keys drum programming.

Side B:
Porno Mustache Remix (mp3) (Right-click and save-as to download)

The remix also features production from Unagi, and was closer to what we wanted, but Motion and LC convinced us to stick with the nasty simplicity of the original.

We’ll have a few remixes coming soon…let me know if you’d like to submit a remix too.

7×7: Side A: “Roomates”/Side B: “Ginger Why”

First up in my free virtual 7 inch series, a couple of (primarily) instrumental hip-hop beats.

Side A: “Roomates” (mp3) (right-click and save-as to download)

This was a potential beat for Adult Situations with Motion Man (and might be used if we do a sequel). Some production help from my man Unagi. I’m on bass, guitar, guitar, keys, drum programming, sampling.

Side B: “Ginger Why” (mp3, LivePack) (right-click and save-as to download)

I used this slicing technique in Ableton Live on this one, and some funky techniques with Sampler @ 1:24 (looping the end of a sample and crossfading for a weird end of a sample). Also used Melodyne to extract the MIDI harmony from a sample, and replayed the instruments around 2:10…and a little before 4:00 I use that old Metallica-ish reverse reverb trick (dubject for a future tutorial…)

These beats are for educational purposes, please contact me if you believe this is in copyright violation and you’d like me to take it down.

Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial Share Alike.