MPC style sampling in Ableton Live Part II

A lot of you still come to this website to learn how to do MPC2000 style sample playback with Ableton Live.

While you can still do the slicing method like I wrote in this article a few years ago, we made things a lot easier with Ableton Live 9.5 and above.

Basically everything you want to do can be done in Simpler, or in a drum rack that has Simpler in it.

Simpler has a new one shot mode which plays the sample through after hitting it:

The slicing mode is a lot of fun for automatic and manual slicing of samples. By default, they ‘choke’ each other in Mono mode. And you can convert your chops into a Drum Rack if you want to for instance add effects to each slice.

There’s a lot more you can do with it, I’m more than a little biased when I say this is a lot more fun to do with Ableton Push 2…there’s a lot of videos on Ableton’s YouTube channel and here’s my presentation from a few years back (the Push and Simpler part start at about the 3:20 mark).



Ableton Push Movies + Live Set

Here’s a few of the movies I worked on for Push. I’m the hand model and made the music (you can download the Live 9 Set here: Push Demo.alp). That’s the smooth sound of Dennis DeSantis you hear doing the voice over. Sorry, I meant Dr. Dennis DeSantis.

Ableton Push highlights

Making beats with Push

Playing notes and chords on Push

Working with Sounds

Recording and Improvising with Loops

Steak Em Up

More reasons to love the tri-state area:

Hugh Mundell & Augustus Pablo – Jah Will Provide + Hungry (Dub Version)

Millionizer 2000

Def. need one of these for the studio.

Jazzy Jeff

Did a movie with Jazzy Jeff talking about how he’s using Ableton Live:

…had some great guests at his place while filming, including James Poyser, Kenny Dope and Ca$h Money, been really cool to learn from them all…

(photo here from Mike Regan:)


Here’s a Simple Delay preset (Live 8 + Above) Jeff made which adds a nice ambience to sampled music:

Jazzy Jeff Sample Delay

New Unagi Sampler from Reinventing the Eel

Good new stuff Bay Area producer Unagi. Still waiting on the Adult Situations album with Unagi, Jethroe + Motion Man…

James Brown Dance Lesson

Spiderman vs. the Yeti

Time to start watching soaps

Earth Wind & Fire

Return to Forever + the Headhunters

Herbie & Quincy & Wine

Get Money