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How to make Ableton Live Follow a Variable-Tempo Audio File

Our goal here is to set a “master”¬†clip in Live, so that other files you record or drag in will follow the original tempo of the master audio file.

1) Warp the audio file you’d like follow very tightly. You can follow my fast warping instructions to get started, and use Beats mode for the most transparent sound.

You may want to make other audio files follow the Master clip even tighter by quantizing the audio to 1/4 notes.

To quantize audio: Command-click on the audio file in Clip View:

I choose 1/4 note here, that should be fine enough for my purposes:

Now click Master — this sets this clip as the master tempo for the set, all other clips will be slaved to this clip’s tempo.

Note that if you have multiple clips set to master, the one highest in the set in arrangement will be master (there can be only one master at a time).

If you look at the Arrangement view’s tempo automation, it is following the tempo of this clip.

Next you’ll want to know about multi-track warping, coming soon…